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• About Us •

4Kids2Win4Ever’s goal is to eradicate the disadvantaged mindset by increasing knowledge in an effort to help form a prosperous mindset and overcome poverty. Our grassroots program (4Kids2Win4Ever) launched during the summer of 2018 by sponsoring a back-to-school drive that provided school supplies to over 175 students in the Greater Spartanburg area. This event was a community effort that brought together more than 20 business to support the needs of the children in Spartanburg County. Children received school supplies, parents were given the opportunity to win vacations, and free services were provided for those in need. Our goal is to expand our grassroots program by providing services that will benefit and help to restore families throughout the Greater Spartanburg area. Our programs are aimed to provide the tools and support needed to change the improvised mindset to a prosperous mindset.


Our Objectives

4Kids2Win4Ever is being established to provide various services to the community of Spartanburg County. These services include; tutoring and after-school programs, mentoring for at risk students, transportation services, financial courses, and reading literacy programs. These programs will create partnerships with the local school districts and other non-profits in Greater Spartanburg County. 4Kids2Win4Ever will setup several programs that are aimed to provide our community with the tools and support needed to form a prosperous mindset.

Our Founders


Zelda Teamer


Zelda Teamer is committed to seeing lives of her community changed. She is active in working with children, teens, single mothers, and elderly individuals. Her goal is to strengthen families by providing them with the tools they need to survive and to be prosperous. 


Ralphette English


Ralphette English is passionate about building the whole person. She is active in working with families to help them see beyond the walls that surround them. She is an advocate for technology and encouraging families to understand the importance of STEM in relation to their daily lives and future. Her focus is on building future leaders and empowering families to learn skills that will impact future generations.

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